About us


ARNOMO is a Moroccan company started in January 2020. ARNOMO is created by Arthur Goedkoop, Nol de Greef and Mohamed Ait Hassou, three business men from the Netherlands.   

ARNOMO FZCO  started in Dubai on April 14th as a Middle East Company

Mohamed Ait Hassou was born in Morocco and is living for more than 50 years in the Netherlands. Due to the good relationship with his native country Morocco and the frequent visits to Morocco and after his visit to His Royal Highness King of Morocco Mohamed VI, he started his own consultancy company in Morocco in 2006. Mohamed made his mark in the sports world and has organized a 155 sports events worldwide. He is also a recognized football intermediary and manages various football players.

Nol de Greef is an experienced driven businessman and has done business in various sectors. Nol de Greef is Co founder and partner of Naturama Green Planet. Nol de Greef is bringing the Naturama natural cleaning products to the European market. Nol is also doing the business development for Boostchain. Boostchain is a blockchain-powered advertising platform that allows advertisers to reward viewers with cryptocurrency through the Boostchain network. The tokens can be directly exchanged with other cryptocurrencies or spent on broadcasting time on the Boostchain network.

Arthur Goedkoop is active in a number of exciting fields such as managing Naturama (save, green cleaning products), recruiting great Tax professionals, finally he is the chair of the supervisory board of Summox one dental disinfection and sterilization. Arthur is a former tax lawyer and partner with Deloitte advising clients on all tax aspects of mergers and acquisitions.

Arthur, Nol, Mohamed and Henny  each have their own quality and complement each other well to make ARNOMO SARL and ARNOMOH FZCO  UAE (Middle East) a success.